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Southern West Virginia's first, and only FAA approved UAS / Drone operator. My mission is to offer the region professional, safe and cost-effective aerial video and photography services, while also showcasing the unique beauty of our state from an all-new perspective.

My fleet of unmanned aircraft systems are purpose built, and utilize the latest state-of-art technology to ensure safety, reliability and performance.  So whether it's a city skyline, car commercial or real estate listing, you can count on me to capture stunning images that demand attention.

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I operate state-of-the art unmanned aircraft systems equipped with cameras capable of capturing stunning ultra HD video and photos. I possess the skills and flight experience necessary to capture amazing images from perspectives not normally seen.

FAA Approved

As an FAA approved and fully insured UAS (drone) operator, my number one priority is always the safety of people and property with any proposed project. You can rest assured knowing that the breathtaking results you're looking for will be achieved professionally with the utmost regard for safety.

Media Delivery

I love the thrill of capturing stunning images, almost much as I love the rewarding feedback I receive from the images I share. I can't wait to wow my clients either, that's why I provide every client with immediate download access to the images I capture for them.

faa approved drone operator

Aerial Packages for Real Estate

Aerial videos and photos provide that wow factor to a property, giving the prospective buyers a unique perspective on the property. I offer aerial video and photo packages specifically tailored for the real estate market.

Ground-Based Filming

In addition to aerial services, I offer high definition cinematic ground-based filming services to my clients as well. I utilize 3 axis gimbal systems to create smooth walk-through shots, perfect for real estate or showcasing property. I can film in a variety of formats including ultra HD 4k and even high-speed 120fps slow motion sequences in full 1080p HD.

Editing & Film Productions

In most circumstances my RAW footage is given directly to the client or production company. However, if you require fully edited video, I can provide that too. I offer video editing, color correction and voice overs for web, mobile and broadcast media.

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